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  • Aaron Aaron Apr 28, 2014 10:45 PM Flag

    Keeper League Trade - veto or not

    Would like some independent feedback, mainly from other league commissioners. In our keeper league, it's common for teams who start falling behind in the season to unload talent for either a keeper or draft picks in the next year. This year, after our draft, and before week 1, this trade went down.

    Team A
    Bryce Harper
    Martin Perez
    Torii Hunter
    Brandon Phillips
    Adam Laroche
    Grant Balfour

    Team B
    Giancarlo Santon
    Cliff Lee
    Freddie Freeman
    Ben Zobrist
    Wil Myers
    Greg Holland

    On face value this is clearly a lopsided trade, it's Harper for a king's ransom. Given it's a keeper league, does that make this okay? What about the timing (after the draft, before the start of the season)?

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