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  • Jack C Jack C Apr 6, 2014 11:07 AM Flag

    Waiver Type: Continual Rolling List

    League 134218....Team Yankee First...I do not understand why or how the system works. I was under the
    impressive your team moves up the ladder so to speak when another team drafts a player. Check my
    team out....have remained at the 12 waiver level after several drafts from other teams. Please clarify.
    Thank You, jack

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    • Waiver claim priority

      In leagues using "continuous" waivers, all waiver claims are awarded based on your league's waiver priority.

      If multiple teams make a claim on a player, the team with the highest priority is awarded the player -- but it also means they'll be moved to bottom of the waiver priority list (the "rolling" list stays in effect for the entire season).

      Each team's current waiver priority ranking is listed along with the league's standings in the "waiver" column. The team ranked #1 on the list has the highest (or best) waiver priority.

      Free agent adds do not affect the waiver order, only players acquired from waivers. The last few waiver acquisitions confirm that your league's waiver priority is "rolling" correctly.

      03/29 Yankees First (now waiver priority 12)
      03/25 Adam's Team (now waiver priority 11)
      03/25 The People's Champs (now waiver priority 10)
      03/22 Mac's Army (now waiver priority 9)


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