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    Experienced Commissioner Advise needed!!!!!!!!

    So I will be entering year two of a keeper league and have run into a pickle and would like some advice on how to deal with it. Any advice would be welcome.

    The situation is that we originally last year had 14 teams, and what happened is that a few of the guys ended up not being interested so at the beginning of this season I found some replacement managers and decided to just recycle the two teams into the player pool. Everything was going well until it was brought to my attention that due to certain players being available and the fact that the draft order would be based on the last season, it wasn't fair to teams who did well last year that they would have no chance at these players.

    What was done is I gave my league 3 options to do, 1.leave it the same 2. do a supplemental draft with the two teams and have a random order 3. a supplemental draft doing an auction draft.

    What has happened is we have a tie between the two supplemental drafts. What i would like is your opinion on each.

    What I have so far:

    IF its a random draw, it will be a weighted lottery for the draft position and will be a 3 player draft
    -Gives everyone a chance at a high draft pick
    -Does give a double advantage to the lower ranked teams from last season for draft position

    IF we do an Auction Draft
    -Everyone has a true shot at the top players
    -any manager can just do a max bid which turns the draft into who has the fastest computer/typing skills

    If anyone has had this situation happen or have any advice please let me know. I know its a long message but I would appreciate any help.


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    • This is how I handle that situation with my keeper football leagues, so the same should apply here...

      You said you had "a few" guys not being interested, I will assume 3. Since it is a keeper league, all of your returning managers should have already stated who their keepers are. Regarding the teams that now have new managers, you have 2 options.

      Option A: You as the commish decide who the keepers for each team with a new manager will be. You make the decision, either on who you would keep if it were your team, or by the highest scoring players on each team.
      Option B: You give the new managers 2 days to decide who they want their keepers to be based on last years roster. Whoever doesn't let you know who their keepers are, you make the decision for them using the rules from option A.

      As far as your draft. What I do, is we draft in reverse order of last years finish, so the champ draft last, second place drafts next to last etc. The new teams can either completely take over where the prior manager would have drafted, OR, all new teams draft at the bottom, and all returning teams move up draft slots accordingly.

      Hope this helps


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