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  • Mike D Mike D Mar 5, 2014 11:53 AM Flag

    NA Keeper Spot

    My league is adding the NA spot this year, and we want to use it from now on as an additional keeper spot. Our intent is to use the NA keeper spot for prospects, and not guys like Braun, Cruz, etc. My question is how does Yahoo decide who gets the NA tag and who doesnt in regards to those prospects. If they end the season on a MLB roster, the next year do they not have the NA tag?

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    • Here's an annoying side note - multiple players that should be listed as "N/A" aren#$%$ a Yahoo glitch affecting Gregory Polanco, Jorge Soler, Jonathan Singleton, Oscar Taveras, Jonathan Schoop, Gary Sanchez, Hak-Ju Lee, Dylan Bundy, Danny Hultzen and more.

      Definitely irritating.

    • We tried to use the NA last year, but it worked like the DL spot does. You must put a player on your active roster first before you can move them to NA. We dropped it this year. (if my memory is correct)

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      • The N/A Wasn't available last year. This is the first season it's been in use. Why does everybody thin k it's just for prospects? It isn't. If a player goes on maternity leave, gets concussed, fouls a ball off the ankle or gets suspended for 5 days due to a fight they they become unavailable, but never placed on the D.L. In the past our hands were tied. We either had to manage a player short or cut them and take our chances until they returned. Now we've been give another option, so we can get a fill in player and not be cost the player he's filling in for. It's just for the Oscar Taveras' of the baseball world. The Not Available covers a lot more.


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