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    Keeper League question - keep less than maximum

    2nd year of a keeper league and first year we designate keepers. My league is set up for everyone to keep 5 guys. If someone decides they only want to keep 3, do they begin the draft with 2 picks before everyone else? If someone else decides to pick 4, how does that work itself out? I'm the commish on this league and I think I can determine this, but not sure. Also, can you randomize the draft order, or do you have to select the order? Thanks in advance if you're able to help me out!

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    • all keepers are kept 2 rounds earlier than drafted the previous year in our league. all free agent pick-ups must be kept at round 10 also. If you keep a guy drafted in 12th round in 2013 and a free agent, you must forfeit the 10th and 9th round selections in 2014.

    • In my league you are required to keep 5. Also, keepers are kept with the team losing the pick the player was chosen with the previous season. This encourages people to stay active and search for gems. For example, a guy drafted in round 10 will cost the manager his 10th round draft pick. If you get a guy as a free agent, you lose your last pick. Granted this makes players like Gerrit Cole and Jose Fernandez last round picks this year, but it also rewards the teams who stayed active and actually tried to improve their teams. You can set limits on how many years someone can keep each player if you would like, also. Just an idea that has worked for us.

    • Flex keepers only work if they are manually instituted by the commish. If you use Yahoo! to set the keepers (meaning each manager sets their own), then you have no worries as Yahoo! will do it for you. This is best for newer leagues, to be honest. Have fun.

    • The only way to make it fair is to force 5 keepers. Otherwise if someone keeps 2 players then they get draft picks 1-3. If they had a #$%$ team then they would get the best scraps from the rest of the league.

    • Usually the keeper rules are set up in Year 1 so everyone knows what they are and there are no confusion. Easiest thing to do is force everyone to keep 5 players. Or if you want to allow teams to keep less than 5 guys, you can import everyone's keepers at the end of the draft (this allows for the draft to happen like normal until the end of the draft when the keepers show up). You can pick to random or select draft order as a commish.

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      • Thanks Jim - at the beginning of the year last year we did state that we'd be keeping 5 guys and that those 5 would be basically your first 5 draft picks, and then the draft would go on as normal. Other than that I don't think anything else was discussed. Not sure I understand the importing after the draft. Don't you have to do that prior so that those player who are being kept don't get drafted?


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