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  • Mr Green Mr Green Feb 25, 2014 1:32 PM Flag

    Need 1 manager for a 4th year keeper league

    1 team available in my 4th year keeper league. Lots of active managers in this league and we've had a different champion every season so far.

    This is a 12 team Roto league where you keep up to 5 players each year. They are moved up 2 rounds each season that you keep them, and you can only keep them if you have a pick in their keeper round. So you can't keep anyone drafted in the first 2 rounds (since they move up 2 rounds).

    These settings allow lots of elite talent to be available each year, and put an emphasis on keeping good values as opposed to just the 5 best players on your roster. For example players such as Miggy, Cano, McCutchen, Fielder, Tulo, Longoria, Votto, Cargo, and Kershaw are all available in the draft this season. So it is pretty reasonable to turn a bad franchise around in a hurry.

    This team finished in 10th place last season, but, the draft order is random and not based on standings so they could be picking anywhere.

    These are some of the players that could be kept for the available team. I won't lie, it's not a great team, but as I said you can turn a team around pretty quickly with this league.

    Pence (7th)
    Street (11th)
    A.Reed (17th)
    Romo (18th)
    Sale (16th)
    Al.Ramirez (20th)

    Leave me your email if you're interested in taking this team over and joining a great keeper league.

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