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    Intense dynasty league needs owners.

    Baseball Federation League
    I. League Setup
    This is a dynasty fantasy baseball league with a salary cap and contract structure. There will be 20 teams randomly split up into four divisions. Twelve teams will advance to the playoffs eventually crowning a champion. The league fee will be $50 per a team with 100% payout minus the fantrax cost. I created this league for the average Joe that has a dream of becoming a general manager or team owner but no realistic chance like myself.
    II. Salary Cap
    The Salary cap is set at $260. This cap is made of all player’s salaries that have been on your 25 man active roster. Just like in the MLB, when you send a player down, they still count against the cap. Also any new player you pull up to your active roster will count against the cap.
    III. Contracts
    After being acquired either by way of free agency or the draft, each player will be assigned a contract. Contract length can be anywhere from 1-10 seasons. For multi-year contracts the increase in salary will reflect the percentage increases that follow: 5% in year 2, 10% in year 3, 15% in year 4, 20% in each season after that.( This will be compounding, year 3 is a 10% increase over the year 2 salary. And year 6 is a 20% increase over year 5.) Salary will be rounded to the nearest tenth for easy calculation reasons. Each owner will get 48 hours to elect the contract length of a player that is won in the offseason Auction. A player’s minimum contract is $0.50 and each bid must increase by at least $0.50. Players that are signed at any point during the season must be assigned a contract to at least finish out the current season.
    IV. Scoring
    Scoring will be head to head matchups with a win, loss, or tie based off of the total points scored. Each week there will be two matchups; one is Monday-Thursday, and the second is Friday-Sunday. Opponents will alternate after each matchup. The scoring breakdown goes as follows:
    Total Base = 1.0
    Run Scored = 1.0
    Run Batted In

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