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  • Cedric Cedric Feb 8, 2014 11:47 PM Flag

    16 team, second year, Yahoo Dynasty League has two openings

    One of the teams lost in the semi finals last year and one of the teams is absolutely LOADED with top prospects and first and second year studs. A sincere appreciation for prospects and their value is a must in this league as it is very very deep with 16 teams and 30 man rosters. There is a minor league system which is bolstered every year with a four round draft of players just drafted from that June's MLB draft. Trades are tightly monitored as any mistakes in a league this deep can cost that team for YEARS and that is bad for the league.

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    • Do not join this league. I made the mistake and im glad I am gone. Ric is controlling, insecure and insane. If you make a trade that he doesn't agree with, your kicked, no league vote or anything. Don't join this league, youll just waste your time. He also makes up BS rules after multiple trades went through and ruined a perfectly fine league. Yet he wont take the blame. Hell blame it on other people. Unless you like to be controlled, bullied, and pushed around don't join this league. And finally #$%$ you Ric, you are a worthless piece of #$%$ and all your leagues suck cuz your the worst commish ive ever been in a league with, and that's hard to beat considering I played in a league with JJ

    • Ric makes no sense. Look at how many times he contradicts himself in the posts below. First he mentions how I wasn't given the website to the league page with rules and prospects because I was an 'idiot' (other language used too) from Day 1. Yet, he took my recommendation for someone to join the league (if I'm so bad why would he do that?) Then, he claims the league rules were posted in the league...ummm what? Are they posted on the website (which I wasn't given access to) or the page? They certainly weren't on the page. Then he makes fun of us for posting on this board when he continues to do so. He isn't worth of commissioner status.

    • Do not join this league if you do not want every thing you do (including drafting up potential trades) criticized!!!! He will boot you in an instant for even showing slight interest in a trade that he does not agree with!!!!

    • Oh, get this. Not only does he boot managers that he simply doesn't like, he also was in charge of an ESPN dynasty league that he ran right into the ground. Do you really want to be with this guy? He is very controlling. There was a trade earlier agreed on and he ended up just kicking the manager out because he didn't like it. Then he kicked CoreyB out for showing interest in a potential trade, that was IT. All it took to kick someone out. He never posted the league rules, he never sent me the information the website that had the rules and such. I wouldn't have had to ask questions if this guy had showed some competence and step up as manager. And don't question this guy, he really hates that. He is a control freak. Get out while you can!

    • I got booted for showing interest in a potential trade, I guess. Because I joined the league today and was kicked out a few hours later.

    • Would you post a link to the page please and tell me which two teams are available

    • How do I contact you for more information

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      • I wouldn't waste your time on this league if I were you all. This commissioner doesn't have a league charter and acts poorly. He is the one that monitors trades and you have to by his value. He sends mixed messages on that value too. He is very insecure, he kicked one guy out of the league for what he thought was a bad trade (no league vote, just booted him) and kicked me out (because I disagreed with him) then kicked out another guy who literally did nothing.

        He's had a lot of trouble keeping managers around, adding several this year already. There is a reason he had to replace so many teams. It's him.

      • ricseley at yahoo


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