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  • Sam A. Sam A. Feb 7, 2014 2:30 AM Flag

    Adding WHIP as a stat

    I'm the commissioner for a ten team head to head points league and I'd like to add whip as a pitching stat but cannot find the option among the list of available stats for the league. Is whip not available in this kind of league? Does anyone have some ideas? Thank you.

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    • Thank you for the suggestions and help.

    • Make IP worth one point and then make hits and walks cost a percentage of a point. Mike suggested -0.33 points per walk and per hit. That would work well.

    • That's because it's a points league. The scoring has to be based on counting stats, not averaged stats like WHIP, ERA, AVG, OBP, etc. You can approximate WHIP by issuing negative points to pitchers when they give up walks and hits.

      I've never played in a points format but I just went and created a league to test what was available for scoring categories. The default setting docks you -0.5 pts per earned run. You could issue, maybe -.25 pts per BB/Hit surrendered? Thinking out loud, not sure. You can fine tune in increments of 0.1 point. Figure a default perfect inning (strike out side) is worth 7 points (2pts per K, 1pt per IP). An inning where you load the bases and escape with no ER (but also no Ks) should net zero pts, imo, so ideally you'd want to dock -0.33 pts per BB/H. Kind of interesting, might have to try one of these leagues one day.

    • Walks, hits per inning pitched. Yahoo literally spells it out for us.


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