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    My Dynasty team for upcoming year

    Im in a 12 team head to head Dynasty....year 5 I believe. Here is my team. Im pretty happy with who I have now to keep and think I have excellent depth and the best rotation of all teams,

    I been throwing both Moore and Price out there to get me a bat in CF or LF but not really sure I need it. If Kole plays as he should, he'll be a great Lf bat for me. Same with Eaton in CF. Choice is a wild card though. Hoping he is a LF or the 4th on that team and gets in the game to spell the other OFers.

    What are your thoughts on the coming year? The second half of last year this team destroyed every one and made up a nearly 50 games from behind deficit ( that first month killed me)

    We can keep 30 plus up to 5 NA players from previous year.

    LF - Kole Calhoun, Corey Dickerson
    CF - Adam Eaton, Dexter Fowler
    RF - Mike Stanton, Ryan Braun, Michael Choice
    3B - David Wright, Nolan Arenado
    SS - Andrelton Simmons, Brad Miller
    2B - Jason Kipnis, Anthony Rendon
    1B - Joey Votto
    C - Buster Posey, Mike Zunino
    SP - David Price, Madison Bumgarner, Stephen Strasburg, Jose Fernandez, Matt Moore, Zack Wheeler, Julio Teheran, Tony Cingrani, Alex Wood, Robbie Erlin
    RP - Kenley Jansen, Greg Holland, Alex Torres, Heath Hembree

    NAs - Hak-Ju Lee, Trevor Bauer

    Thinking of dropping - Brian Wilson, Ryan Howard

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    • Calhoun and Eaton should give you 30 hr/sb's combined each, which isn't bad. There is some risk tied to those two but the rest of your team looks good. Is a Braun for Cargo trade out of the question? Just a thought. Choice and Dickerson I don't think have great long term potential, but you can't have it all. You'll need a closer, eventually, and Bauer I'm also down on. I wouldn't drop howard, I think he's still got a 30/100 or two season in him. Wilson you can drop. The others I mentioned you can drop as you find better replacements and/or platoon guys that may help on the cheap like a cody ross or such.

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      • aw.....so now Im lost. I redid my board and put Wilson back in as a 30 and dropped Hembree....but I keep hearing great things on the guy.....oooon the other hand I went with Holds and Saves last year...but I combined that with high Ks and low whips and had a great group of RPers last year..... Wilson OR Hembree fit in that....grrrr!!! Also Im looking at a way to keep Howards bat on my team. I got like 3 weeks to shake my roster out before our draft....some where like that

      • Thanks.....you really think Braun for Cargo is possible? I keep looking into that. My only concern is that Cargo might not be in Coors much longer and his numbers will drop off some. At least I know what I get with Braun. Agreed on Choice. Im trying to use the "prospect" card with some managers in my league. You should look into Dickerson! His MiLB numbers are amazing and in Coors they should be close to the same as long as he starts in LF......which Im hoping for.......Ill look into that Braun deal though, might not be half bad :)

    • Wouldnt mind some other incites with only a month before seasons open :) thanks guys!

    • Your staff is amazing, you can try to move one of those arms for a bat. If it were me I would try to land a LF. You should be fine at CF with Eaton and Fowler, LF is your only real question mark, Calhoun is listed to start but who knows and Dickerson will lose time to Drew Stubbs. But at the same time you could just wait it out and start Eaton at LF, unless you start 2 CF.

      Another thing, why keep Hembree over Wilson? I see why over Torres, but the Dodgers want to limit Jansen's innings and Wilson should be first in line to save when Jansen is off, plus he's going to get you a nice number of holds, plus if he has another good season he's likely going to hit the market next off season as the top RP and should land a full time closer gig, in a dynasty league that's something to think about. Hembree seems buried in that SF bullpen. Also I think you can move on from Lee, he's not that great. And I would try to package Howard before dropping the guy.

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      • I agree with a lot of that actually. Braun and Eaton actually have LF for this coming year....not sure why I wrote it the way I did, I think because thats the positions they will play this year. I want to keep Wilson. Im leaning towards dropping Hembree for him since like you said he is buried. It sounded like at the end of the year last year he would be a set up out there but not any more. Torres is up for the closer job it sounds no?

        Nice to see some one thinking my way....means Im on the right path! Oh...and I concentrated rrrrrreeally hard on pitching the past 3 years...paid off :)


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