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  • JJ JJ Jan 13, 2014 10:24 PM Flag

    New Features

    Anyone heard or seen any thing about new features. I know I have been asking them to add a minor league roster. The NA feature last year was a nice start.

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    • I did as well, however it would have been even better with more MiLB players in the FA pool. I am interested in seeing a weekly matchup recap and league recap like football has had the past two years.

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      • Yea, I'd think they'ed add that. Strange that they have been doing a lot more football features then baseball features the past few years. I think the number on MiLB guys is about right given there isnt really a way to have them on teams right now. That NA roster helped my league out. 12 teams and all of them pretty much had 1-2 great prospects.

        Id love them to add a customizable schedule. So we can just click to make it division heavy if we wanted it to. Minors roster also and have it so we can port them over year to year like they do with the keepers. Also to keep the league open all year if we select that.


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