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  • KB11 KB11 Jan 11, 2014 7:00 PM Flag

    2014 prospects....

    Any of these guys gonna be available when the season opens.........Byron Buxton, Kris Bryant, Archie Bradley, Mark Appel, Jonathan Gray? Please refrain from smart #$%$ comments. Starting to get old.

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    • All those guys should be available. Same with Syndergaard, Baez, Russell, and Stephenson. There are going to be plenty of new ones just like there were last year. Yahoo is getting better with it.

    • Id say all them with Polanco/Stephenson/Correa/Baez/ Russell/Syndergaard will be up

    • I would bet Buxton isn't included at start of season, because everyone knows how slow the Twins are at bringing along prospects.

    • Yahoo says that they consider a lot of things before adding these MiLB guys into the player pool but the likely hood of them reaching the majors seems to be the most heavily weighted. That being said I'd bet we see Bradley available and possibly Buxton just because of his top prospect status. Are you using the available "NA" roster spots for a minor league system?

    • Yea Id say all for sure...Dan Vogelbach definitively will be up!

    • Yahoo only have the 40 man roster and top like 50 prospects IF they are close enough to playing. Occasionally you'll get a Starling type.

      Buxton, Bradley for sure. I did hear they the Rockies expect Gray on their team by the end of the year so he may as well. Bryant is too far away so I wouldnt think he would be there and Appel is a toss up. It's Houston so there is a strong chance he will too be there when the leagues open.

      Based on last year I noticed if you open your league the day you are able to......there was onpy like 5 GREAT players. As the spring went on they begin to add the others......not sure why?!


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