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  • Johnny C Johnny C Jan 8, 2014 11:57 AM Flag

    Rewarding Winning team in Dynasty/Keeper League?

    We have a 6yr+ Keeper/Dynasty League with 10 teams, fantasy points. Not H2H. Points Total wins season.
    My thinking is that the winning team should be rewarded for their hard work instead of being punished by having to draft last and work harder the next season.
    Therefore, we have been running under the system of Everyone Keeps 8 Players each year, with the winning team getting to keep a 9th player. The winning team then drafts last. Last place team drafts first and so on....
    Does anyone have a better way to do this?
    If everyone kept 9 players, and the winning team drafted first in a non-snaking draft each round, would this be more unfair then the current arrangement?
    I'm NOT looking for parity, I want to reward the winner without handicapping the other teams too much.
    I have found that Some owners try hard while some owners barely show up, I want to reward those who are dedicated with a small reward for the next season without totally crushing those on the bottom who didn't bother to show up consistently during the 6 month season.
    Any thoughts?

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    • Keeping 8 people on a championship team is reward enough. There isn't turnover enough that will take out the champion most likely anyhow.

    • I got a thumbs down for asking a question about my league? Really? Wow.....

    • You're idea of allowing the winner to draft first, is not a good idea. You'll end up with teams who consistently cannot get out of the gutter because they don't get the higher quality players. That, for obvious reasons, does not promote a high level of activity from those managers. The way you run it now, allowing the extra keeper for the winner isn't too bad of an option. Here's the thing to think about though: what is your reasoning for having a league with keepers? If it is to reward the managers who make great moves and follow young players by letting them keep them for the next season, you're already #$%$ that. THAT is a reward for the winners (especially if you're letting them keep one more from their championship team players). Also, you are limiting the number of keepers to 8 or 9. Why? I would assume it is so that the draft each season is longer and has some decent players in it, but mostly so that the teams that are worse actually have a chance to be better by picking from those decent players. Giving the winning team an advantage in the draft works directly against that plan. I know you said you aren't looking for parity, but any good commissioner wants a high level of activity from the managers. And a system that gives the strongest team an advantage in the primary area where the weaker teams can gain ground will only keep the weaker teams weak and the stronger teams strong, thereby severely decreasing the joy of the game and desire to stay active for those weaker teams. (That sentence was entirely too long and I apologize). I've been running a 12-team keeper league since '07. Everyone keeps 10 players. Draft order is opposite final standings. Each season, I completely remove any managers who stay inactive for the majority of the season (early on, this could have been as many as 2-3 each year, but now is more like 1 every two years). I replace them with more committed managers. We also have a league fee with yearly and weekly prizes, so that helps.

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      • Therefore, I would say that if looking to reward a manager for a great season, the reward should probably not have any effect on the next season. But, aside from having a league fee where the winner actually receives something for their hard work, your current system is close enough to fair. You could keep the same system but give the winning manager the highest waiver priority the next year too, which would be very valuable in a league like mine. If you already have a league fee, by the way, you should drop the whole idea of rewarding the winner the next season.


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