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  • Mielke Mielke Jan 1, 2014 10:11 PM Flag

    Simple & Innovative new HTH points league starting

    Longtime seasoned commissioner here, founding a new league from the ashes, looking for some fresh blood for the league’s first season. It’s a weekly HTH points mixed league with 20 starting slots and rosters of 30. Aiming for a league of 14.

    General tenets:
    - Weekly lineup changes (to allow for Life)
    - A points system so simple it can be hand-drawn, yet thoroughly tested for realism and balance between offense and pitching
    - A straight annual draft, with limited keepers (on a three-year keeper term limit)
    - Draft-pick trading allowed (some restrictions). If you've never been in a league that trades draft picks .... you've missed out.
    - A simple approximation of the Salary Cap method without having to fuss as much over the dollars: players are annually grouped in the preseason into a small number of Classifications. Teams are only allowed to keep a limited number annually from each Classification.
    - Limited Minor League roster
    - Weekly FAAB system
    - Entry fee will be $50 to $100 or more depending on consensus
    - Outgoing personalities, active owners, and smack-talking encouraged
    - Leaning toward Fantrax as the league site
    - The part about outgoing personalities, active owners, and smack-talking encouraged

    The final constitution is still open for comment, so at this point you have the chance to give your input/preferences.

    Any questions or comments, message me or post here



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