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    4 sport league needs replacements

    Hello, I have a 4 sport league that has 2 openings. We just started basketball, so you'd be taking over a team, but baseball, football and hockey would be all drafted by you! 16 managers, H2H-one win format, trading between sports is allowed. We have some cool rules to keep the league fun. League rules are listed below.
    Please read em over and if you want in send me a message to emtech57 atyahoo

    All teams will start the season out with $150 in their Waiver Wire Budget. At the end of each week, the winner of each match will receive an additional $3.00 to their budget.
    Who ever ends the season with the most money left on their waiver wire budget will be crowned "The Money Champ!" The Money Champ is awarded waiver priority 1 the start of the next season.

    The League Champ is awarded $25.00 extra in waiver budget next season, 2nd place receives $15.00, 3rd gets $10.00

    The winner of the consolation bracket will be "The Peoples Champ!" The Peoples Champ will get to rename the last place team the next season to any name they see fit. (Within reason, will not accept a name that expresses hate.)

    Bets and Wagers: You and your opponent may place betas or wages on your match. You can bet money from your waiver, for example if you bet $10.00, winner gets $10 added to their budget plus their $3 for winning. Looser looses $10. You may bet your waiver priority or even put players up for grabs. All bets must be posted on the league message board and confirmed by your opponent by Wednesday 12pm EST. Any bets after that will not count. Bets that aren't confirmed by both teams will not count.

    Trash Talk Week: Every third week I have listed as a Rivalry Week. This will be trash talk week. The player who gives the best trash talk in the league, posted on the message board will receive $10.00 added to their budget. In order for you to receive credit for your trash talk, start a post on the message board with you and your opponents team name and give your best smack talk.

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    • I would be interested in 1 of your spots if you have 1. I sent you an email also but it was from my work address. I play all 4 sports daily and love the idea of tieing them together. Let me know. Thanks bmerf

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      • Would you be interested in joining my 4 Sport Keeper League?

        Only Basketball has begun, with the baseball draft set for Friday, March 14th @8pm
        16 Teams (head to head)
        3 Keepers for basketball
        Categories FGM,FG%,FTM,FT%,3PTM,3PT%,PTS,REB,AST,ST,BLK,TO

        10 keepers for baseball
        Categories: R,H,2B,HR,RBI,SB,AVG,OPS,W,SV,K,HLD,ERA,WHIP,QS,BB/9
        Roster positions: C,1B,2B,SS,3B,OF,OF,OF,UTIL,UTIL, 5SP, 4RP, 2P, 4BN

        Deep rosters, lots of categories
        Looking for an active and competitive manager! Please email craymondov774atyahoo.ca if interested


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