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  • titansrst titansrst Nov 8, 2013 10:38 PM Flag

    Yahoo Fantasy Leagues Filling Up Fast

    I will increase my leagues from 4 to six in 2014 and spots are available but filling;
    Here they are:

    1) 15 team roto league going into Season III has two spots available,

    2) 10-team H2H league in which each manager drafts three teams and uses those teams as one single organization in which they keep their free agents and injured players, etc, (Lots of trading goes on, though) has one opening left in its third year.

    3) 12-team H2H league beginning its second year has one opening left. Normal draft and roster includes four keepers from 2013 season.

    4) Mario Mendoza league is second year H2H league that will have 12 teams this year. Making this league special is some of the stats used are not typical of most leagues. Sacrifices, bunting, infield defense and pitching ratios replace several categories. You have to really know your stuff in this league, especially when it comes to waiver and free agent picks. Three spots are left.

    5) This is a brand new 15 team roto league with a different draft scheme. Each manager will draft TWO teams to use as his or her foundation. Trading will be abundant here, too, but the categories will be compiled as opposed to dealing with ratios. In addition, following the draft managers can trade the teams they drafted. Nine spots in of this league us already filled.

    6) Another new league, this one as 12-team H2H draft has seven spots left. Regular drafting with a twist. Rounds 1-5 and 11-15 are National League picks only; while rounds 6-10 and 16-20 are American League only, The final six rounds allows drafting from either side. If you look closely, this allows some every team to get early picks in one league or the other.

    I have more info if you are interested. One last thing: I , as a commis, have never disallowed a trade and I like to hear ideas from the other owners.

    Let me hear from you titans rst at Yahoo


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