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    Keeper Help

    Im currently in a keeper league that keeps 8 people and with the roster that I have I am really wanting to keep ten. I have:
    1. Buster Posey (C,1B): solid production at a premium position

    2. Robinson Cano (2B): Power off the charts and perfect for the offensive categories in the league

    3. Elvis Andrus (SS): basestealing machine

    4. Josh Donaldson (3B: a big surprise this year and one I would be willing to

    5. Allen Craig (1B,OF): great all around producer and RBI machine

    6. Fernando Rodney (CL): a bit of a wildcard, but there will be nobody else on the draft board if I dont keep him

    7. Hunter Pence (OF): consistent all around player when healthy

    8. David Ortiz (Util): big question mark, he's getting old, but his upside is phenominal

    9. Cole Hamels (SP): may have a big year with his spot in the rotation if Halladay is done. I have my worries, but he's one of my only real viable keeper at SP
    10. Ubaldo Jimenez (SP): Great season, but dont know where he'll land next season or if he'll be able to repeat.

    Any help would be great thanks!

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    • I think your choices are obvious. Drop Rodney & Jimenez. Don't know if Rodney will even close unless some team is desperate and Jimenez is too erratic to put in an 8-man keeper class. Just my 2 cents.

    • I would keep Posey, Cano, Andrus, Craig, Pence and Hamels. Dude, where is your pitching. Jimenez, maybe. I would draft heavy in pitching in 2014. You can always pickup hitters.

    • If that's your best 10, your in trouble for '14
      In order of rank, I would keep Cano, Posey, Craig, Hamels, Andrus

      The rest are not going to get drafted within the top 80-100 and as such are not guys to keep. Further Ortiz is done, talent was there but he won't produce at that level in '14. Vote with your head, not your heart.

      Craig and Andrus are borderline for me also. I don't think they are top 50 players but should be good keepers in the 6th to 8th rounds. Cano is an obvious 1st rounder, Posey maybe late 2nd or a 3rd rounder, Hamels would slot in around 5th round maybe. Craig will rank higher than i think he should be drafted, i say 6th round and i bet hes going somewhere in the 4th, Andrus has really slipped, his only value lies in the SB and i don't think i would drat him higher than 10-12 round in a draft.


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