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    Post-season transactions? Commish needs help

    I need some advice. I am commissioner of a league, and am having a dispute with one of my better managers whom I don't want to lose. The issue is this:

    Background: This is a keeper league where keepers cost two rounds higher.

    Issue: Three managers made transactions in the days immediately following the end of the fantasy season, dropping certain players they could not keep and adding upside low-round players and/or prospects. I understand now that certain leagues lock transactions immediately following the conclusion of the fantasy season, while others lock non-playoff teams and playoff losers from making transactions. This owner is threatening the quit should these transactions not be reversed, but nowhere in the rules I have written for the league does it state that this is against the rules.

    I am completely open to changing the rule going forward, but have refused to ex post facto reverse last season's transactions since there was no rule prohibiting them.


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    • It was sort of a sleazy move to drop/add at the end of the season and an even sleazier threat to quit if the moves were reversed. But since you had no rule against it (Yahoo provides that option) I don't see how you can justify reversing the moves. All you can do at this point is decide how to handle it going forward. Also make it known that threats to quit in the future will not be tolerated if you want to maintain your authority as Commissioner.

    • Post season transactions should never be allowed and generally speaking most leagues don't deal with it. It can lead to some chicanery and collusion. I will not bad mouth anyone in your league nor you because I don;t know these fellas and they could argue if there is no standing rule against it they should be able to make this deal. I do happen to agree with the fellow who wants the trade voided, and I can understand him wanting out if things are not changed, As a commissioner of six leagues, I know the difficulty in keeping everyone happy. It is impossible. Go with your gut on this one, and I hope your gut says void the move. It guarantees that things stay clean and you keep the manager you want to keep. I would respect the three managers involved and explain to each of them before telling the entire league why you feel as you do. The only other things you can do is put it out before the entire league right away, but I have seen league fall apart because sentiments often run according to friendship or extreme self-interests. Good luck. I am no braniac. Just someone trying to help a guy sacrificing his or her time to create a fun and fair league. Titansrst

    • I am also a commish of a keeper league, our league uses three rounds not two but we would operate under the same general situation.I think you are doing the correct thing by refusing to reverse the transaction even at the risk of the manager leaving.

      I would ask you, How long has the league been run under the two round rule? If this is not the first year did teams do the same thing in a previous season and this particular manager did not complain that time you could use that as a precedent to say "he accepted the actions". Perhaps this time the particular players taken were what got him upset and not the action itself.

      You can, as you have brought up, make a change going forward. I would seem difficult however as you would have to restrict transactions at some point and this problem could still occur just earlier in the season. Depending on how it is done, you might have to restrict playoff teams (I run a roto league so playoffs do not exist) from making transaction to make it fair to teams that did not make the playoffs.

      I would say stick to your guns, hope he does not quit and if you can find a precedent that he has allowed it to happen before (or better yet that he did it himself in a previous season) then you might be able to get him to stay on.

      Good Luck,

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      • What do you mean by 2 rounds higher? I run a couple leagues and deal with stupid stuff like this all the time. If someone does something cheap we don't reward them for it. Just cause someone found a way around the rules doesn't make it ok IMO. What I do in these situations is post a poll and let the league decide, then they cant put it on you if they don't like the outcome.


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