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  • Duane Duane Oct 9, 2013 8:24 PM Flag

    Yahoo Final Statistics

    Anyone know when Yahoo will finalize season statistics. We are in a Points league and I notice the last day of the season has not been corrected. 1400 innings pitching limit still shows players who have went over the limit.

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    • There is no error... All pitching stats on the day that they go over the innings limit will count... So even if your limit is 1400, you can easily stream as many starters as you want that last day and get the stats for them and end up 30+ innings over the limit...

      It is even outlined in their help that you can do this...

      On the day that you will hit a games played or innings pitched limit, all players active on that day at that position will receive credit for their stats. On all subsequent days, players or pitchers at the capped position will no longer accumulate stats.

      This means that on the day the cap is met, it is possible to exceed the maximum games or innings pitched limit for your league.

      The ability to exceed the maximum is equally available to all teams, and Yahoo Sports will never determine who you do and do not get credit for on the day the cap is met.


      You have 3 OF positions and 1 game left at OF before you hit the cap. If you start three OF players on the day the maximum is to be reached, you will receive credit for all three players, and exceed the maximum by 2 games.
      You have 2 IPs left, but you start three pitchers and have two relievers who combine to pitch 21 2/3 IPs on the day you hit the cap. You will receive credit for all stats pitched in all 21 2/3 innings that day, and you will exceed the cap by 19 2/3 innings.


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