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  • Mark L Mark L Sep 26, 2013 6:03 PM Flag

    Who gets the innings???

    I have a limited number of innings left on my team. If I start multiple pitchers right before I run out of innings, how does Yahoo decide which pitcher to give the innings to? Is it decided by time of start? What if I have two pitchers that are playing each other? Is it given to the home pitcher since he pitches first??? What if I start two home pitchers with the same exact start time, who gets the innings then???

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    • as long as you have not reached the limit, even if you only have 1 IP left, you can start as many pitchers as you have and they will all count that day. I have exceeded the linit by as many as 50 innings.

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      • the absolute stupidest rule I have seen yet!!! You have to look at the innings cap all season and I managed my innings to the point, I had 30 more inning's on the 2 other guys who were still in the hunt for the title. I had my starters going Friday, today and 2 more tomorrow. I also had my entire hitting line up in place, I managed that well and had not run out of games (the other 2 have 3 & 4 positions capped) BUT now I am going to watch 2 guys who have 2 innings left and 1 inning left, compared to my 25 innings under the Cap and each have 6 starters going tomorrow (there is only 70 points difference between the 3 of us) and will pass me BECAUSE THE STUPID CAP IS MEANINGLESS WHEN IT COUNTS THE MOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This kills an entire season of setting yourself up to be in the perfect position the last weekend of the season. I have a 40 point lead over 2nd and 70point lead over 3rd ;Should be an easy Win for me considering I have 25 innings left with all my hitter positions available and they only have 1-2 innings under cap and are both missing a minimum of 3 hitter positions. But they get rewarded with an extra 30+ innings for not managing their teams properly and this will cost Championships as well $400.00 1st place prize. BRAVO YAHOO, BRILLIANT IDEA TO COME UP WITH THIS RULE!! YOU HAVE A COMPUTER SYSTEM TO TRACK WHEN INNINGS RUN OUT AND WHERE POINT TOTALS WERE AT THE TIME!!! JOKEEEEEEEEEE


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