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    4 issues with standard league settings - Adds per week, innings pitched max and min, strike out scoring category, bigger disabled list

    Its really unfair for somebody who has an excellent full roster without a weak roster spot. every position player & pitcher has value that a team in ur league can benefit & use against u. I have 12 batters. 2 on the west coast that are bench players. a back up for every position Venable and scuturo even catcher molina & rosario. When rosario or molina sit i usually have a guy on the west coast playing later i can punch in at utility if i take him out on time. On any givin day if anybody sits i will always have a guy ready to punch in at any position like a real baseball team. Giving me a full roster of 10 batters every single day with nobody on the bench maximizing my at bats. Every batter i draft can hit 10/20 hr and pick 10-20 bags giving me an solid balanced approach and chance to win every category on any given week.If a guy gets hurt during the year Ill have a solid guy ready to punch in without having to worry about finding a bum on the waiver wire because i have a solid back up at every position who can start on any team. Every tue & thur a few team have a day off & i always have a couple guys to put in. This year I started this strategy a couple months back & since then have had more at bats per week then any team i played. I have 7 solid 200 k a year pitchers & 4 amazing closers average 100 k's per season giving me a full 23 man roster. But you have to get lucky in the draft for example marte grilli gomez jensen in late rounds. and pick multi position players with 20-20 vision. Lets say i play a guy and only have 7 starters pitching and nobody pitching twice. I get 8 k's per start and 5 k's per closer giving me 70 innings with 84 k's and 5 wins & 1.75 era. H has has 9 starters 5 closers 10 batters common. 5 guys pitch on monday which will give him 14 starts to my 7. On saturday he has pitched 80 innings and only has 60 k's 4 wins. But he also has 6 adds and streams them. Beating me in k's and wins with 20 starts vs my 7 can somebody explain how thats fair?

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    • For all of you who will say i should stream. Well i dont really have a spot worthy of dropping. I dont want to give anybody my players. I already had to drop kemp to fill my roster which is why i also have a problem with the dl. I had wright and kemp out at the same time. Forcing me to drop one to maximize my at bats per week. Which is why i think the dl list should be bumped up to 3. If I win this week and the 2nd seed wins. ill be forced to play matt kemp cuz he picked him up. My number 1 draft pick i never had any intentions of dropping ever. Back to the point. How can it make sense to stream like him if Ive already got an amazing era of 1.75 and know im risking ruining it just to keep up with his stream? So now your telling me I should be like him and stream. Knowing those players are not on my team i would never draft them but i have to pick them up and take the risk becuase theres no innings limit or innings min.which in my opinion should be 70 max 50min. theres only 7 games per week. thats 63 innnings. Why should a guy get to pitch 100 innings? Thats like a basketball team winning by 30 then they add a 5th quarter and make the other team sit and watch while the other team scores uncontested giving them the win. 3 adds per week total and should be made on sunday before the week starts. 3 guys on the dl. If you wanna make sure u got a guy hitting then stop having 10 batters. You wont have to worry about a guy getting hurt during the week and having nobody to put in. Same with pitchers. you can have 9. but should be forced to choose between starts. Not just spam 100 innings and have 85 k's. beating a guy who pitched 70 innings and got 84. Which is why i believe the strike outs should be changed to k per inning. Its not like we have a hit category it goes by avg. So why do we have a strike out category? K per innings. 50 inning min. 70 innings max. I know a lotta people wont agree. But its my idea of a fair realistic fantasy baseball league.

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      • I came up with this strategy a couple months back. ive tryed drafting all pitchers and closers. They always end up with better hitters and end up spamming the k's and wins anyways despite me having 9 amazing starters. So this year i tried this strategy. At the beg of the year i went 6 starters 6 relief and 11 batters. All 20-20 hitters.My goal was to take runs sb's and avg every week as well as era and whip. everything else is a toss up. But those 5 categories were basically a lock. Letting them have k's and wins because im not willing to spam and was trying to find a good approach at beating spammers without spamming. I already know spammers draft all hitters cuz there not worried about the pitching. So i did too. Only every pitcher i got had 200 k a year stuff despite the era aND EVERY RELIEVER or closer has 100 k a year stuff. I chose 6 relivers to balance out the era of the starting pitchers. I actually drafted jensen thinking he would close and just kept him all year. Giving me at least a chance at k's if everybody does well. This year ive placed 3rd. Won the 1st round. everybody left is a spammer. Im winning 5-4 on friday. Later I realized i needed a extra batter because i wanted to make sure i won hitting if i was gonna get spammed outta pitching. So i picked up scuturo thinking he could fill up an empty spot on tue thu and any day somebody sits. It actually worked wonders. People think k's and wins are so important. But they dont realize how often rbis runs home runs and sb's are won by a single point. every at bat counts. Its not often u win by a single k. although wins are very close. thats only 2 points your getting with spam while i squeeze out every extra at bat which can help me win any of the 5 off points. just a thought for the anti spammers and spammers alike. Your adding pitching but its only effective if you have a huge era lead or are so far out it doesnt matter! No skill involved what so ever. Only a desperate attempt to find a loop hole


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