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    Yahoo! Fantasy

    I have a Yahoo! Fantasy - their platform actually would work, with stats that are reliable, a message board that doesn't randomly go blank and a mobile app that actually updates things like what inning the game is in or, say something trivial like the score. That is my Fantasy.

    The pressure is on me by my league managers to move to ESPN next year. Any commissioners have any experience and advice on why I shouldn't make the jump? We all must be here for something other than "it is were we have always had the league". That answer just isn't enough...

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    • Yahoo is #$%$ more right now. Football layout is horrendous and so many issues with baseball this year. They are clowns.

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      • Perhaps all true but not helpful. I have always been in Yahoo! or CBSSports leagues. CBSSports is never down, but I don't like their platform at all (reliable, but ugly and hard to use with an even worse mobile experience than Yahoo!) I don't know any other leagues and don't want to jump from Yahoo! to something else without some feedback. I have two guys in my league pushing me to leap to ESPN but I don't know if is better, worse or the same.


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