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  • Aaron Aaron Sep 9, 2013 2:35 PM Flag

    Dispute over transaction moves in my league

    I didn't put in a limit on number of transactions allowed per week by a team. Someone really took advantage of this and streamed a lot of probable pitchers and really ran away with the league this year (in the regular season at least, playoffs are starting now). Anyways, there's a couple league members starting to complain about this. Do they have any beef? I guess this is my fault for not establishing in limit and not speaking about this before the season. I thought streaming probable pitchers is something is pretty common in high stakes league is it not? Any recommendations how I should respond and handle this? Thanks.

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    • great manager he is!!! every should do it...then u would all be lasordas and weavers !!! give him a pat on the back for me...its smart and fair. we have a limit of 6 per week...me and my brother finish in playoffs every yr. cuz we stream......however streaming in wrong probables can make your whip and era rise...so u have to be brilliant , getting the perfect guys...easier said than done..unless u really know the game. ( i do) 3 titles in 4 yrs.

    • Like everyone else is saying, you can't penalize someone who is following the rules. I am not a fan of streaming and put limits of 3 per week AND 50 per season to prevent this. You can also add or change categories to reduce the appeal of streaming, like hitting Ks, pitching K/9, net saves, net steals, etc. instead of just 'add' stats like H, R, HR, etc. We also have deep benches in a 10 team H2H so the FA pool is very thin anyway. We don't have a single player who will have used all 50 moves this season.

    • STREAMING is not bush league, streaming is another way of handling your team. some people like to stream. if you don't set rules to disallow things like streaming then you have no beef. this player played by the rules set by the commissioner

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      • First of all how is somebody you pick up at 1159 pm and drop at 1201 am on your team? Hes not on your team you did not draft him so how exactly is he on your team if you he held a roster spot for 2 minutes and has been added by a diff team every week. you just happened to get to him first this week. example. any bad pitcher whos playing a bad team.

    • you have to have a per week transaction limit. this is the only fair way.


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