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  • Bram Bram Aug 30, 2013 3:39 PM Flag

    Who do I keep for next season?

    I can keep up to five players. Tough decision who to keep, any comments?
    Catcher: Wilin Rosario Starting Pitcher: Jered Weaver
    Catcher/1B: Carlos Santana Starting Pitcher: CC Sabathia
    Second Base: Anthony Rendon Starting Pitcher: Dan Haren
    Shortstop: Jimmy Rollins Starting Pitcher: Jared Cosart
    Third Base: David Freese Starting Pitcher: Gerrit Cole
    Outfield: Alfonso Soriano Starting Pitcher: Kyle Lohse
    Outfield: Adrian Gonzalez Starting Pitcher: Ross Ohlendorf
    Outfield: Adam Dunn Starting Pitcher: Chris Rusin
    Utility: Alex Rios Starting Pitcher: Lance Lynn
    Utility: Josh Willingham Starting Pitcher: A.J. Griffin
    Bench: Alex Rodriguez Relief Pitcher: Chris Perez
    Bench: Jose Bautista Relief Pitcher: Jim Henderson
    Bench: Nelson Cruz Relief Pitcher: Kenley Jansen

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    • Jose Bautista
      Adrian Gonzalez
      Alex Rios
      Nelson Cruz
      Wilin Rosario

      The first three, they are your best players. Last two, because Rosario is a top five catcher (fantasy wise) and Cruz can be a top flight talent next year. (I am not a Santana believer, check his numbers against other non-big name catchers).

      I agree with Suz.... no reason to keep a closer, you can find many, many closers throughout the year as they take over for injuries/ineffectiveness. You don't have any top flight SP to secure either as CC & Weaver have been largely disappointing.

    • 1) Alfonso Soriano seems rejuvenated playing for a contender again and the Yanks will hold on to him seeing what he is still capable of producing for them.
      2) Alex Rios so long as he stays in Texas (one of the best hitters parks in basball) should see some good returns with a full season there.
      3) Adrian Gonzalez batting third in that hefty lineup is someone I wouldn't be able to part with. It's strong now as is and who knows what will happen if Kemp gets himself back on track again for the start of next season.
      4) Kenley Jensen with the strikeout rate coupled with low era and whip playing for a team that looks to be strong for many years to come.
      5) Jim Henderson though he plays for a weak club he gets his share of saves with a good strikeout rate and low era and whip consistently. With Braun back next year as well as the emergence of guys like Jean Segura, Scooter Gennet, and Khris Davis showing some promise for the future Jim's prospects for saves look good for next year. Especially since both K-Rod and Axford are gone which were his only real competition for the job. Shouldn't be any closer controversy to worry about with the Brewers.

      I know this list excludes SP but I think you need to overhaul your SP from scratch for next year. I feel Jered Weaver and Sabathia might be starting to hit the downsides of their careers and I don't see your young SP guys as being the top end of the rookie crop to waste keeper picks on. I like Kyle Lohse cause he seems to always quietly have a productive season but not quite keeper pick worthy. Throwing all those SP back into the draft pool also gives other teams options to grab so that some of the new pitchers you want to overhaul your staff with stay up on the board a bit longer. People are certainly going to go after CC early and Jered because of their names which will leave other big names you might want up on the board. I don't know if Jered will bounce back but I think CC is just worn down from heavy workloads many seasons.

    • Good roster. If it were me i'd keep CSantana, AdGonzales, JOBautista, KJansen, LLynn. I'd wait on Gerrit Cole because as you know the second year sometimes teams figure it out on how to hit these new guys so i'd go with the sure thing in Lynn. You could always draft Cole next season.


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