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  • C Parson C Parson Aug 8, 2013 9:43 PM Flag

    Looking for some replacement managers. Keeper League

    Looking for a few replacement managers to take over some teams that have managers that aren't paying attention.

    This is a first year keeper league. Next year you can keep some players. Which players and how much they will cost will be voted on soon. Let me know if you are interested.

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    • All managers be Alert!!! This Commishioners a QUACK!!

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      • Absolutely agree with Alexander. I have been in this league the entire year. He replaces only the teams that are out of the playoff race and both these replacements now want out because they feel cheated and have noticed the poor management by the commissioner who has paid no attention to teams that have been inactive since early April. He is only a commissioner by name, not by nature and likely has no interest in making it a successful keeper league.

        He is looking for 6 replacement managers in a 10 team league to give you an idea on what's been going on.

        His ideas on keeper rules are a bit daft too and frankly has shown no interest in listening to those in the league that have complained and made valid suggestions. So prepared to be ignored on any 'votes'.


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