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  • Michael Michael Aug 6, 2013 11:52 AM Flag

    Commish Abandoned His Team

    Hey guys, I'm in a Dynasty league in its first year and the commish has abandoned his team, along with another team that's been abandoned. Does anyone know how to replace an abandoned team when that team is the commissioner? The Yahoo Help section doesn't address this situation. If you have any suggestions please advise.

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    • Yahoo will not get involved when it comes to private leagues. There may be an exception in the case of abuse or harassment but otherwise there is nothing they will do under these circumstances.

      All I can suggest you do is to e-mail the league commissioner and ask him to pass on commish duties either to yourself or another experienced member of the league. If this doesn't happen, unfortunately the chances are the league will die out in its first year.

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      • Suz is correct and the truth is that it stinks. You guys put in nearly an entire season just to have things end like this. Pray your former commish does the right thing and turn over the leadership to you or another league member. Some will and some won't even give you the courtesy of a response.


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