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  • Anthony Anthony Aug 2, 2013 11:28 PM Flag


    A guy in my league (10) teams, has 121 transactions on the year. Guys act lime I am crazy for hassling the guy...thoughts/feedback?

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    • I've got 80+ moves in both of my leagues, mainly a product of having a set hitting lineup and two or three terrible pitching spots I constantly try to fill... but I'm still in first in both leagues. You just sound like you are taking crazy pills.

    • why would you even want to hassle him?

    • trade limits are stupid. if some1 is making a lot of pickups and winning, u should adopt that strategy. if he's losing....why do u care?

    • If as Commissioner you have allowed an unlimited number of transactions in your League Settings then you have no leg to stand on. Each team owner is free to make as many moves as he or she desires and while you may not like it, hassling them seems wrong and won't get you anywhere. That being said I agree with you in the sense that I find an continuous string of transactions to be an unrealistic way to play the game. I'm not real big on streaming either, at least not all season long. From what I've seen in my league those few that have tried it do not have a particularly high success rate. I would think it MIGHT be worth a shot if one is fighting for a specific spot toward the end of the year, but that is just my opinion. Back to transactions. Last year in my 10-team Roto League with an unlimited number of transactions one owner made 216 moves, another made 191, and another made 166. The other seven members combined were barely over 200. I believe I am correct when I say that MLB teams don't come close to triple figure numbers of transactions in a single season. The large numbers of moves bothered me and some others a lot so this year I imposed a limit of 100 transactions. Yes...I made it a point to tell everyone my thoughts at the end of last year and to ask everyone's opinion and received NO objections. I was also careful to remind everyone of the limit before and after the draft this year. BTW one owner still ran out by the All-Star break and as of today another stands at 90. I am well aware that the name of the game is "fantasy" but I believe we need to inject some measure of realism and I think having some limit only adds to the challenge and the overall strategy. At this point I plan on having the same limit next year. I know there may be some dissenting opinions out there so standing by for any comments.

    • You're hassling a guy for making so many transactions? I think you're the one that is very, very much in the wrong. You really have no right hassling a guy for his fantasy strategy - telling someone how to manage their team is frankly not only disrespectful but beyond rude.

      People make that many transactions a year for numerous reasons - including streaming pitchers which can be a great fantasy strategy, actively picking up hitters who are on hot streaks (another good fantasy strategy) and of course making pick ups for guys who have been put on the disabled list.


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