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  • Suz Suz Aug 1, 2013 3:07 AM Flag

    Looking for a dynasty or keeper league team to manage!

    Hey there,
    I am an active, experienced manager who is trade happy. I don't mind taking over a team that isn't in the playoff hunt this year but has at least a few nice pieces for me to start to rebuild around. I enjoy a challenge immensely.

    If you have a spot, get me at mystikalsh yahoo. I'll probably accept regardless of the roster but I would appreciate it if you sent me the current roster and the scoring categories.

    Thanks in advance for any mails I get.

    - Suz

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    • I am in a dynasty league right now that has an inactive manager. I can talk to the commish to see if he wants to find a replacement. Pretty sure he wouldn't have a problem with it. The team is pretty good but is in last place due to inactivity. I will go and email the commish to see what he thinks. I will get back to you once he replies

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      • Thanks dude, appreciate you asking on my behalf. I'll check my e-mail regularly today incase I get an invite. Would rather take over sooner rather than later to start the rebuilding process.

        Might be able to see from the forums that I'm taking on a handful of keepers and dynasty teams. More and more I get bored with 1 year leagues and I've become a huge fan of long term dynasties/keepers. Cheers again.