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    Prevention from tanking the season in a Dynasty league

    I am a commissioner for a pay to play Head-to-Head One Win Two Division Mixed league with 14 teams. We keep 20 players from year to year and have a regular season roster of 25 players with a possible two DL spots, maxing out the roster sizes to 27 players. The top six seeds make the playoffs, seeds 7-12 make the consolation and the 13 and 14 seeds don't go anywhere. The next season we do a non-snaking draft for five rounds with the draft position being determined from the previous standings lowest seed getting the best draft pick.

    We are currently bouncing ideas around to make the consolation round worth while, with two ideas in the forefront.

    1) Increasing the buy-in(all managers are ok with the increase) and adding cash for the consolation winner.


    2) Making the consolation determine the draft order, so whoever wins gets the 3rd pick each round, runner-up gets the 4th pick, so on and so on with the person who loses the consolation round getting the 8th pick each round.

    What would be the best way to prevent people from tanking after the playoffs start, one of these options or something else?

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