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  • Josh Josh Jul 28, 2013 9:54 PM Flag

    Player availability

    Does anyone else have a gripe with when Yahoo! allows players to be on the active roster. You should be able to make roster changes for the same day. You should not have to wait for the next day after the transaction unless the player has already played that day.

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    • That is a setting chosen by the commissioner during the league setup, prior to the draft. I believe it is the Weekly Deadline setting. If it is set to Daily - Today then you can add today and they can play today. I believe once this setting has been set then it can't be changed during the season, not even by the commissioner.

      I'm in a league where we can add players today and they can play today as long as the game either player (added or dropped) has not started and that one is set to Daily Today. I'm in another league that is weekly and all adds start accruing stats on Monday no matter when I add them during the week and that one is set to Weekly Monday. I've also experienced what you are going though, add today and they can't play until tomorrow and I suspect that one is Weekly Tomorrow

    • I agree. especially if I make the roster move early in the day, maybe have a window of time to allow moves the same day.


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