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  • A.Mar A.Mar Jul 20, 2013 11:43 PM Flag

    Stumped...Trade Advice

    I give: SP-Shelby Miller, SP-Garrit Cole, OF- Alex Gordon
    I get: 1B-A. Pujols & RP-Parnell

    I'm looking to add power to my lineup and am worried about an inning limit on Miller & Cole. Currently sitting in 1st place but its a tight race between 1st-4th.

    Any thoughts? I'd appreciate any ideas

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    • Don't do it. Pujols is not the Pujols of old and Alex Gordon is the better player between the two hitters right now. Pujols' feet will never get better, there is no cure for that problem.

      Rule of thumb is never trade for closers, pick them up in the FA pool as the season goes along. Shelby is a young ace. If you really are that worried about inning limitation, trade him for someone worthwhile and not a big name from the past. But I don't see the Cards shutting him down totally what with a tight division.

    • You should accept that offer before the other guy wakes up. Shelby's deteriorated over the last 4 to 6 weeks, possibly due to fatigue. He could be shut down early, but even if he isn't that ERA and WHIP have blown up! Cole is almost useless....unless it's a keeper league. Gordon's not bad, but my money is on Pujols to have better numbers overall as well as power.


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