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  • fireballer fireballer Jul 20, 2013 12:37 AM Flag

    Yahoo is going to #$%$

    What the hell is going on with Yahoo? They are screwing with team rosters and putting players on the bench. Some players are having DL and NA designations put on them when they are healthy and playing. They tell you, you can't pick up a player because you have an active player on your bench...when in fact you don't. Now they are putting players directly in the player pool without putting them on waivers first. I've been with Yahoo for years, but if this doesn't get fixed I'll be playing somewhere else next season. Is this happening to everybody else as well??

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    • Thanks for letting me know that's it's not just me. There were a couple late nights where I thought I was losing my mind.

    • Yes it is universal with every team in every league. This is their brand new software update they shut down the servers to install last Monday. Peachy keen isn't it. :-)

      It also can put an "x" by a player who is actually playing that day too. Another of it's many tricks. Also the annoying and useless black search bar that covers part of our screen is part of this "wonderful" upgrade.

      People are really getting #$%$ at (1) having some beta software just thrown up without testing it first and (2) no accountability from Yahoo -- announcement, message, apology, nothing. T What to speak of actually fixing it has in restoring the old software that worked fine and didn't put that stupid black bar up in your way as well. Threads up on numerous fantasy baseball sites etc. Other fantasy platform site players making pitches to Yahoo players to "come on over" to their sites.

    • Yes. I've noticed this only during the ASB and right after (like now). My only guess is a bunch of their guys went on vacation. Hopefully, they'll fix it soon. But you're not the only one affected. A trick I stumbled into is to make your request twice instead of once because sometimes it just goes through even though it was just denied.


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