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  • MadSpot MadSpot Jul 19, 2013 7:19 PM Flag

    Yahoo benches my players

    I am sick and tired of setting my lineups the day before, then finding that Yahoo has benched players that I had moved to starting positions. Yahoo! STOP IT. FIX THIS. It is not a 'feature', it is a huge annoyance.

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    • Yes it is part of the screwed up new software. You have to refresh you screen then re-insert the benched players back into your line-up. That will hold them in place until the next time you visit your team page, hah.

      It is the same software that put up that stupid black search bar no one wants to use that covers up a good piece of my screen now.

      The new software also puts DL on some players not on DL. Removed DL from some players still on DL. Puts "x" (not starting today) next to players starting. Tells you a pitcher can't go into a pitching slot, an OF can't go into an OF slot etc etc etc. Just keep refreshing and re-trying and you can force the truth down the stupid software's throat eventually.

      It is all the stupid software. Period. Has nothing to do with a commish. It is universal effecting every team in every league right now.

      Meanwhile Yahoo doesn't even have the decency to put an announcement on the team sites explaining the massive screw-up, tell us the problem is being corrected or even apologize for their mistake in throwing up some buggy, beta software that sucks.

    • Your commish is probably doing it


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