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  • Lucky Lou Lucky Lou Jul 8, 2013 12:06 AM Flag

    Undoing a mistake?

    I had a manager drop Gio by accident (SP owned in 98% of leagues). He owned up to mistake but wants me to put player back on his team. Would you put player back on their team or let Gio go to waiver wire?

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    • I am a commissioner and have done this a couple times for mistakes made by managers. I would suggest posting a note on your league page to the other owners informing them of why you are doing it and that it was an honest mistake. I have never had any problems with this.

    • If it looks like an obvious accident and the owner that dropped the player asks you to reverse the transaction, I would do it.

    • Really could use some commissioners to weigh in! I feel like undoing mistakes opens up a can of worms and in any public league there would be no recourse. But this is a private league. Honest mistake? Or too bad, so sad?

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      • I am a commish. I would reverse this as it seems like an obvious mistake. However, going forward, you may want to put a rule in your league that addresses such mistakes. In my league, we had several instances of teams having an illegal roster for one reason or the other... and our rules state that illegal rosters score zero points. So after several seasons of guys pleading with me to retroactively fix their illegal roster and get the points back from that day... I put in a rule that stated no such retroactive reverses would take place. Black & White rule. Illegal rosters score zero points. No hurricane, no internet outage, no excuses! Makes my life a lot less complicated. You should think about doing the same.

      • I have made similar changes of course it was a private league, helping out family who were not comfortable with how to maneuver players on and off rosters. As long as there is not too much money on the line I would err towards being a forgiving Commissioner.


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