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  • joe joe Jul 7, 2013 4:15 AM Flag

    Cheat in Yahoo Pro 20 League


    On my other account i am in a Pro money league sponsored by yahoo. I gave yahoo my money thinking this would be a fair way to play fantasy baseball for money. I tried to go to Commissioner Corner Message Board on that account but when clicking on the link get--- "Error while retrieving the data (Error Code: MBHo_500_1MBBa_INVALID_STATUS)"

    I dont know what that means but i feel yahoo is trying to cheat me out of money. The tenth place team in my league made this trade last week with the team already in first place.

    The Frist place team traded :
    Pedro Alvarez
    Brett Gardner
    Alex Gordon
    Howie Kendrick

    tenth place team traded :
    Ryan Zimmerman
    Yoenis Cespedes
    Greg Holland
    Clayton Kershaw

    Kershaw was a 2nd round pick, Cespedes a 3rd and Zimmerman a 4th. Holland is a top 10 closer. Also Kershaw is the best rated pitcher in the game at the moment.
    On the other hand
    Alvarez was a freeagent pickup, Gardner was a 9th round pick gordon a 13th and kendrick a 19th round.

    Though the players that were traded, for all of those top tier players, are having okay seasons i still think this trade is 100% not fair and want my money back from yahoo. I protested the trade many times and many other players in my league voiced their opinion about the trade saying how unfair it is. Even the team getting the trade said he did not think the trade would go through due to how lopsided it was. Since then all of the messages in the leagues public message board have been erased. I have the emails as proof but when i click on the links, it tells me the messages no longer exist. I do not know how someone else could delete my messages in a public league. I dont know what else to do but bring it up to you and ask you if you think this is fair. I think it is #$%$ and want my money back. After this year i will never participate in a money league with yahoo. this is #$%$. please help.

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    • bump. Please help/let me know what you think

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      • What do your trade rules state? If the rules state to allow all trades, you may have no recourse. Other than that... I don't know if it is fair to talk about where guys were drafted at this point. If a 2nd Round Matt Kemp was traded for a 15th Round Jason Segura, would anyone complain that it is not fair to trade Kemp for Segura? If anything, people will probably complain the other way. I own Cespedes in a league and I have benched him he has been such poop. Does the team trading Kershaw have a great pitching staff? Perhaps they felt they could part with Kershaw as a result. And Holland is good. But I personally don't rate Closers all that high. And they are getting a lot of RUNS & SBs back with that group of Gardner, Gordon, & Kendrick. Maybe those are categories attempting to be addressed?

        Now all that being said, I would prefer the Kershaw side of the deal myself. But you can't police stupidity. As long as the owner making the trade truly believes they are improving their team, I don't see how you can VETO a trade. But the deleting of message board? That is shady.


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