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  • Biggs Biggs Jul 3, 2013 2:42 PM Flag

    Manager Issue

    I am the commissioner of a 10 team HTH 35 person dynasty league in which all players with a major/minor contract are available with exception of June first year player draft prospects. Those prospects can first be taken in our annual draft the following year. Anyways, I have a team that has changed managers already once this year. It is a mess. The prior manager was kicked out of the league for constantly accepting lopsided trades and wasting other managers' time by doing so. The replacement manager (a good friend of mine), was extremely active at first, but now his team is 1-12 and going no where fast. He is not checking his lineup, responding to trade offers, or even text/emails regarding the league. I really do not want to find another replacement manager because at least he isn't accepting lopsided trades and making his team worse. However, his team is not getting any better. Your thoughts?


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