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  • Marc Marc Jun 26, 2013 6:17 PM Flag

    Keeper League Questions

    I am commissioning a keeper league and I have questions:

    How and when can I set how many players each team can keep for next season? Or anything about keepers because I know I have it set as a keeper league, yet I only see the option to change keeper player status (K next to name).

    The settings allow trading of draft picks, where can you see the traded draft picks or who has picks in what rounds for next season?

    How do I set the playoffs so that top two seeded teams have bye weeks in the first round? I don't see the option anywhere. Is it automatic?

    I don't see an option to set the championship round to two weeks, is this still an option? it should be.

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    • The keeper options will become available in the preseason of next year before your league starts. You'll have all the keeper options and managers will be able to select their keepers then.

      You will also be allowed to see the draft order and set the draft order in the pre-season of next year's league.

      The playoff settings can be set in the pre-season also. Once your league has started I don't believe you can change how many teams get into the playoffs or which teams have bye weeks or how long the championship week is. There are a few options you can still change after the league has started in the Commish Tools Edit League Settings section, but not the specific settings you're asking about.


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