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  • matt matt Jun 26, 2013 10:42 AM Flag

    Yahoo Clearly does not want to be in the Fantasy League business

    It is becoming very obvious that Yahoo no longer wants to be in the business of hosting fantasy leagues. They would prefer to write commentary and provide news/analysis. The IT errors and scoring this year has been ridiculous and they do not seem to care at all. There are plenty of other free leagues out there to utilize. After 5 years of using Yahoo I may be jumping ship soon. Also, is it too much to ask for an iPad app? This is 2013 for crying out loud.

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    • I wouldn't go as far as you in my assessment of Yahoo, but there are many more problems this year, and many will jump to ESPN, CBS or other good leagues if it keeps up. I know one main problem appears to be that Yahoo does not support managers victimized by bad commissioners. It also doesn't respond to problems of commissioners bailing out of leagues and not leaving the league in the hands of a manager willing to tae over and make the league legitimate. I am in one league where 12 of us drafted teams and only five still play. The other teams, including the commissioner, dropped out within a few days. I requested help from Yahoo to switch leadership of the league and it didn't even give me the courtesy of a response.


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