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  • Elijah Elijah Jun 24, 2013 2:53 AM Flag

    Question to Fantasy Baseball Managers & Commissioners

    One problem that I have experienced playing fantasy baseball is that many managers stop checking their teams midway through the season because it is too difficult to keep up. I am developing a software program which will automate the process of setting your fantasy baseball lineup so that when you don't have time to set your lineups, you don't have to worry about falling behind.

    I was curious if there is any interest within the fantasy baseball community for something like this. Let me know your thoughts. Thank you!

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    • we make the person who comes in last pay double - instituted it a few years ago and drastically increased the managers attention to their teams...

    • I think there are two separate issues here:

      1. Dead/inactive teams. I don't think this tool would be for them. I wouldn't want an inactive team to have their lineup automatically being updated because they can be bothered playing. Inactivity sucks, sure, but I would rather leave them or the commish can replace them. No tool/option of making inactive managers active should be available.

      2. Managers who are busy/on holiday etc. I'm not mentioning managers who don't have time due to multiple leagues. In these situations, the managers themselves either have to find the time or ensure you set your lineup once a week (and don't make moves so it gets reset) or find a replacement. However, I don't mind the idea that if you know you are an active manager but happen to miss the odd day then it makes sure you have a complete lineup. Or if you can't set a complete lineup a week/two weeks in advance especially regarding starting pitching, it will do that for you. That seems tricky though. But a line must be drawn from missing the odd day to constantly forgetting or don't have time to set your lineup. I'm not sure how it would work regarding conditions of being active/inactive (how do you define it?).

      Simply put, if you don't have time, you shouldn't play (in so many leagues).

      The other point of Yahoo wanting people to keep coming on is a good one. Though I would guess that the majority active players will continue to come on because that's part of the fun. If I'm playing in a daily league, I would try to come on regularly, whether daily or every few days at a minimum.

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      • BN, totally agree with you on the two points you have made. However, if I find out that players on my roster are NA at the moment the game starts, how can I change them out? The updating of players on paternity leave or scratches within two hours of the game are NEVER addressed by the sub-contractors that maintain updates. I guess we get what we pay for, huh?.

      • I definitely see where you are coming from, BN. I think this was my thought process: managers fall behind and before they know it it they're low in the standings, which makes them care/check even less.

        My hope for this application is that it could supplement the human aspect so when a manager doesn't have time to set a lineup for a few days, they don't fall completely behind. In this way, maybe it could promote more managerial involvement, not less.

        Let me know your thoughts, thanks!

    • I've often wondered this very thing. Always move bench players into starting positions if there is a available spot. Always revert to the Monday set lineup when there are too many players for the starting roster spots. I think I know why Yahoo won't want it, Yahoo wants people on their site and the more often we login the more they can tell their sponsors for advertising. Your software although makes it easy for people to manage our teams it also creates no need for us to login more than once a week, that takes money from Yahoo.

    • Yeah, I'd be interested but I have questions of course.

      Daily lineups?
      Only Yahoo leagues?

      I'd like to get more info.



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