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  • someone offered me a trade,i accepted it ,now my league freaked out and reported me,for unsportsmanship.all my teams are locked,and buddy that traded me dropped all his players.
    after 10 years you lock me out for playing?i didnt break ant rulz.the wrong guys getting in trouble!
    you dont even send me an email saying i did something?
    how long am i locked what exacally did i do that got me in trouble?

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    • Unclear means - who were the players in the trade? In a public league Yahoo will step in if the trade was lopsided. Both players in the trade did something to make it happen so you aren't innocent. Did you post something on the league message boards that was inappropriate? Yahoo can check everything you post or do on their site, they save it all. If they have locked all your teams then you've done something and simply haven't told us everything. Surprised Yahoo allowed your "trading buddy" to drop all his players, they should have locked him too. Actually calling someone your "trading buddy" is not a good thing to tell fantasy managers, it gives the perception of cheating, it was the first thing I thought of. I play with my son sometimes and I won't trade with him because of the perception of the other managers, they'll say collusion.

    • Your story is quite unclear. It seems you did nothing wrong unless your league mates suspect that you and the person you traded with are in collusion with each other. Dunno. Good luck trying to resolve this one;.

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      • unclear?someone offered me a trade,i accepted it,and now my teams are locked...whats unclear?

        i didnt know the person i accepted the trade from,they are attempting to prevent me from winning by getting my team locked.

        am i to get inside someones head and figure out why they offered what they did?perhaps he felt pity on me,or liked utley or kemp?
        how can i get in trouble for accepting a trade?it wasnt an offer.plus i now have a guy from that pool emailing me with taunts...
        the trade was utley kemp and lawrie for trout,longoria and some 1b that dont hit hrs.he had no 2b i had no 3b..my guys were on dl i wasnt dropping them.i just dont get it,no way to ask for amnesty or a trial.
        yahoo just locked me down no email or nuthin


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