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  • Khan Khan Jun 13, 2013 10:32 PM Flag

    Resetting the Draft

    Boy do we have a NOOB for a commish. After the draft and waiver period a manager with 2 teams started making numerous lopsided trades with himself. Many of the managers were complaining and actually wanted to quit if the trades went through. The complaining went on for 3 days (trade approval time), during this time the commish kept saying he didn't see anything going on that warranted his actions as all he saw was numerous adds/drops by those teams. After the trade got vetoed the commish saw the trades being vetoed and said "wow, I didn't see them". I laughed my buitt off, I realized the commish hadn't checked his roster yet and thus didn't see the trades link. After he realized what was going on he asked what he should do about it. Instead of locking out one or both of the teams or following numerous experienced managers suggestions he decided to reset the league and it wiped out our rosters and now we are having another draft. Again what a NOOB


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