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  • Ron Ron Jun 8, 2013 7:34 PM Flag

    BS Artists

    You know, one of the biggest problems here is that most posters are #$%$ artists. They write that they are looking for a team or looking for managers to take over a team. You write these SOB's back that you are interested and then you don;t get the courtesy of a return email. I know you are dealing with thousands of people, but to allow this to happen ruins leagues and allows people to abuse our time. Sooner or later more people will join ESPN or someone else's fantasy leagues. I am fed up. I run five leagues and have answered every email sent my way, yet I get jerks who don't email me back when I am ready to invite them to take over one of the few teams that have opened up in my leagues. It really spoils the fun. One last thing: I have one opening a piece in three of my leagues. Two are h2h and the other is a rotiss. The guys are active.

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