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  • Ron Ron Jun 6, 2013 9:07 PM Flag

    Need new commissioner and 7 teams

    We had a commissioner who ran a draft of 12 teams. Today 7 teams, including hers, are gone, none having been active since April. The other five teams are playing every day. I think this league can be saved and replacements gotten, but we need commissioners access. I already run five leagues, but would run this too just to get a full house again. The other managers are good and I'd hate to leave, but 5 out of 12 stinks. Any advice?

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    • are you able to get the commissioner to transfer power ?

    • I can take he helm of Commish and can probably get it full or close to it.

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      • Me, too, but I'd rather see someone else do it and if you could pull it off that would be GREAT! I wrote to the former commish twice, the latest being yesterday, and she has not graced me with a response. Is there a way to get Yahoo to make the switch? By the way, I have one opening a piece in three of my five leagues I run. One is a team comprised od drafted teams. Each manager drafted three teams, which serves as his or her entire active roster and free agent pool. Trading is allowed anjd there has been plenty. The team that is available is made up of the Blue Jays, Dodgers and Athletics. They are in fourth in their division but trail a playoff spot by only four games. I have a rotisserie spot in a 15-team league. They are currently in 10th but have some darn good players and is within quick striking distance of fifth. The other team is in an 8-team h2h that uses some unusual stats like sacrifice flies, bunts, etc..as well as some of the usual, The available team is currently in second 3 games out of first. If you are interested or know someone else that might be respond here and they can be signed up right away.


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