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  • Zach Zach Jun 5, 2013 3:24 PM Flag

    Can Commissioners grant a team a players stats who was on the bench for that day if that team can prove they put player in starting lineup?

    I know for an absolute FACT, no doubt in my mind, swear on my families life, that I Put Julio Teheran in my starting lineup this morning. I did it from my phone at the start of a meeting this morning, saw it go through (benched Skaggs) and saw Teheran in my starting lineup by the SP spot right above the first RP. I've been researching to see if there is a glitch or something that could have happened causing Teheran not to be in my starting lineup. Can Commisioners grant a team a players stats for the day if that team can prove they made the update?

    Do any of you know of anyway I can check with YahooFantasy or the App about how this happened and if it can be fixed? It's not like I saw he was having a great game all of a sudden and made up a crazy story - I honest to god made the switch this morning ,saw it verified (saw Terehan in starting lineup) and when I checked shortly after game started he was not in the lineup. I was shocked. Can anything be done about this? Can his stats for the day be put onto his team by the commissioner?

    Any input or ideas would be much appreciated.

    Thanks guys

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