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  • Spydyr Spydyr Apr 19, 2013 2:42 PM Flag

    Long Term Dynasty League Looking for a Few Replacement Coaches; Get in Early & Now While You Can.

    I run a dynasty league that is in it's first year of existence and am looking to replace some inactive coaches. I am looking for 4 managers to take over teams of managers that are not active in a large dynasty league. The teams are all decent with players from the first draft and with prospects for the future.

    This is a keeper format with many players on your team being kept from season to season to allow for the dynasty aspect. There are 16 teams in the league and it's a good competitive league. This first season is still young and the team you take over will have plenty of time to make moves and improve the team for this season if you choose. The league has NA slots and 8 bench slots for allowing the keeping of future prospects and will have drafts every season based on finishing of the prior season for drafting future prospects, etc.

    It is a H-2-H points format that will be changed next season to be a H-2-H 1 point league. There are 16 categories (8 hitting & 8 pitching) and most settings are general settings. Individual rostered positions with 2 Util spots. Pitching spots are 3 SP, 2 RP, 3 P...8 BN, 3 DL, 2 NA.

    There's also a cool victory point format in place to help keep track of power rankings and other cool things that I do in a weekly newsletter. Also, the last place team in the victory points standings at the end of the regular season will loss their team naming rights for the following season. Draft trading is allowed in future seasons. I want managers that will be active and manage their teams appropriately. As you can see from this message, I won't hesitate to boot a manager that is not active and is ruining the league.

    If anyone is interested, then please email me at biffstermania2002@yahoo.com. The 4 teams are actually ranked on the site from 1-4 and will be replaced in that manner. So, the first manager to reply that they would like a team gets team #1 (in other words, you won't get your choice of which team). Sorry for this, but I am trying to replace the manager least likely to actually show up and start managing their team first and so on and so forth.

    Thanks and hope to hear from some coaches soon.


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