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  • A Yahoo! User Apr 16, 2013 7:06 PM Flag

    Guys.. need to solve a problem with mgrs..

    I've got two mgrs.. that every time a roster move or trade does off that they disagree with.. start pointing the cheater finger at every one. I want them out. This is a good active keeper league with every one making moves. How to do? Any takers for a couple of good teams? Orr??

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    • I'd make a post to the whole league to address this and end it now. Make it a warning about false accusations about collusion or cheating etc because such charges are taken serious and attacks another person's integrity in real life. That unless the person has specific proof of collusion then to chill or face "eviction." That you have a fun and fair league and you don't need pot stirring. That every owner gets to manage their team as they see fit.

      Tell them this is a warning and if it happens again, people will start to be kicked from the league. If they shut up, fine. If not, follow through. The other owners will thank you for it.

      Good luck.

    • What kind of league? What are the categories and roster rules? As for these two, who knows why some people do what they do, but if you are like most of us commissioners you work too hard and care too much about your league to deal with bull. I commissioner four leagues and will kick someone out in a minute if they are not active (that means at least supplying a line up) or their mouths are too big. But put down some specifics and I might help you out, and if not me, there seems to be plenty f good guys looking to take teams.

    • and no one is cheating.. or collusion that I can see. They're just whiners.

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      • Send each of them a private email explaining that they are disrupting the league and how you will have to cut them loose if they don't lighten-up. Every player has the right to make roster moves (I like a limit) and trades without ridicule. Is this a "league votes" on trades league? If so, open up a discussion about each trade before te vote is due. If there is no evidence of collusion, the vote should always be "for" the trade. If the offenders can't offer-up any proof of collusion, calmly ask them to keep their "opinions' to themselves. If they can't do that, cut them loose. Don't let them set the tone for "your" league.


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