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  • Matt Matt Apr 7, 2013 11:51 AM Flag

    Someone is asleep at Yahoo --- FREEMAN TO DL!!!

    Come on Yahoo ... you have Freddie Freeman to the DL as the lead banner on your page. Designate him DL eligible so we can pick someone else up!

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    • Agreed. But then again this is yahoo and if they have proven anything over the years it is that they suck and they don't care.

    • You two are the ones that are asleep. If you did some research to find out how a player gets put on the DL in Yahoo you would have found that

      Players will be made eligible for the DL position in Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Baseball as soon as possible, after they are placed there in real life. In most cases, this will occur the morning following the transaction, during our nightly system update.

      As Freeman was put on the Disabled List THIS MORNING, he should not be eligible for the DL slot until tomorrow.

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      • Then that is simply another reason that Yahoo is behind the other sites - Freeman is on the DL in other leagues of mine. In the past Yahoo has done a fine job at making those types of adjustments as soon as the MLB team places the player on the DL. This "morning following the transaction" thing has never been the status quo on Yahoo - at least I haven't seen it in the nearly 10 years I've been playing on Yahoo.


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