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    I need replacement managers in my unique league. In the league, every team is assigned a position and they recieve 25 players from that position. They then have to trade with other teams to get the players they need. Other then that it is a H2H league with the usual stat categories plus a few additional ones. The positions are the same except I added an IF slot snd have LF, CF, RF, OF insteads of 3 OFs. It is a lot of fun. We just "drafted" recently and the league starts April 8th. Most of my managers quit because they didn't get the position they wanted (which is their fault I gave them an option) or didn't know it would require so much trading. If you would like to replace a team, leave you e-mail and I will e-mail you


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    • That should tell you that the "uniqueness" of your league is out of the mainstream and not a viable plan. Why waste your time as well as everyone else's knowing the concept is excessive in trading and in the end too difficult to manage.

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      • Doesn'tt seem like a ad idea, but it does appear tough to manage. I like the concept of drafting teams (3 a piece) and using those players as your entire roster, free agent and farm system. The only players that fall out of this category are made via trades and if run honestly it is great. This is my second year running such a league and all is well (knock on wood). Good luck with your plan. No idea is bad. You just have to make it work.


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