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  • JJ JJ Mar 22, 2013 7:36 AM Flag

    New NA positions

    Just curious out there who added these? I have maaaany questions for this new feature! I been emailing Yahoo asking them to add some form of NA/Minors for the past 3 years, nice to see the listened!

    So right now we have 27 roster spots. Next year we planned to move to 30. So..... we have 3 DL spots now....I am the commish and I only allow 5 Nas as it is.....I can add these 5 NA spots and it wont hurt my 27? or 30 for next year?

    I've read 2 spots so far where...

    Select the positions and roster limits you wish to use in your league.
    All positions aside from DL, NA, and Bench will be active roster spots that earn stats for your team. Stats accumulated by these players will not count towards your totals.
    You cannot specify roster positions for Bench players. These roster spots can be filled with players from any position.
    Your total roster cannot exceed 30 total positions
    Once your draft has completed, the only changes you can make are to increase your number of DL, NA, or Bench slots. Please think before raising any of these sizes, because if you do so, you cannot later reduce them.

    But this in another page I found it said the NA spots would not be the addition to you 30 meaning I could have 30 plus the 5.....soooo bit lots here!?! Also I take it once I add these and people move there 5 NAs they can just pick up new players. Like a freebee draft almost, right?

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    • Thank you for being a Yahoo! user since 2001. We appreciate you choosing to use Yahoo! and truly hope you continue to use Sports, Mail, and Messenger, as you have been.

      I want to apologize for any inconvenience this issue has caused you. I assure you that I will do what I can to answer your questions for you.

      Jason, should you add an NA roster position to your league, it would work the same as a DL roster position. Players would only be eligible for the position if they have NA status.

      Both NA and DL roster spots are in addition to the 30 active/bench roster spots available to your league. In theory, a league could have 30 active/bench spots, 5 NA and 5 DL spots.

      Once you added the NA spots, teams that have players with this status would be able to move them into the roster spot, creating a vacancy on their roster that would be filled via your league's waiver rules.

      If your league uses standard waivers, players will either be on waivers or free agents, depending on if they have cleared waivers.

      If your league uses continuous waivers, those openings would be filled only through waiver claims.

      You can switch between standard and continuous waivers at any time, but please be aware of some issues that may occur when you make the change.