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  • Captain Awesome Captain Awesome Mar 21, 2013 3:19 PM Flag

    Difficulty setting up Keeper League...

    How difficult is it to make a keeper league in Yahoo? Is there a check option to do it or is there more to it? I was in a keeper league last year but it looks like the guy who started it up is done after the 1st year. So I'm debating to whether to start a new one or just go the normal 1 year only league.

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    • I'm kinda in the same boat as you. I was in a dynasty league last year. The commish was MIA until a couple weeks ago. Having emailed him and not heard from him I started the league from scratch, found the teams (and replacements) and set all the keepers. Setting the keepers was a pain. It took a couple hours to do it.

      And then the next day the old commish popped up with the old league. Not wanting to create drama everyone just switched over to his league so I wasted all that work.

      But wait there is more! Then the commish failed to fill the league. We went from 14 to 12. Then he didnt set the keepers on time so the draft got pushed back a week to tomorrow. Then when people said he should just delete he made me commish now I'm trying to salvage the league. Sigh...

      But everything seemed pretty easy except setting the keepers. We had 14 teams with 25 keepers that I had to do manually so it was a pain and took a while

    • bump...

    • I'm doing a 20 team keeper if ur into that. It is kinda annoying getting that many people to join, but I already got 7/20, and I made the league yesterday.

      if u wanna check it out bro..

      league ID: 138853
      password: swerve


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